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Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Review: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

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Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Review: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Aug 9, 2019

Even people who have never set foot in Kentucky know that the Bluegrass State loves its bourbon, and the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in Louisville is designed to give attendees a real taste of this rich heritage as the first official stop on the well-traveled Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Here is our review of the immersive Evan Williams Bourbon Traditional Tour & Tasting experience!

Discovering Historic Whiskey Row in Downtown Louisville

Found on historic “Whiskey Row” in downtown Louisville just a few blocks from the very site where Evan Williams himself once built a distillery, the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience is home to several guided educational tours and bourbon tastings, as well as a fully-functioning artisanal distillery. The project is designed in part to celebrate the life and legacy of Evan Williams, who also happened to be Kentucky’s first commercial distiller in the late 1700’s, during the early days of the Republic.

Who Was Evan Williams, the Man?

Through a variety of interactive multimedia presentations and a guided tour, visitors learn that Williams is remembered as a laid-back, easygoing man. He was also a politician and successful entrepreneur, but he was never afraid to work hard or get his hands dirty… Especially when it came to distilling bourbon! Following this tradition today, Evan Williams bourbon is the second-largest selling Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and has become known worldwide for its strong character and smooth, rich flavors that have been carefully curated for many generations.

Best Kentucky Bourbon Tour

Perhaps the best thing about this immersive experience (aside from the bourbon, of course) is the tour’s wide appeal, which enthralls both longtime bourbon aficionados and those who are new to the whiles of this special spirit. The guided tour takes visitors through the artisanal distillery and covers all the basics of making bourbon as it happens in real time, and it also includes tastings of several varieties of premium Evan Williams bourbon in an old-world-style saloon, where guests get to discover the incredible connection between chocolate and whiskey.

The bottom line? Expect to learn about the history of Louisville on the Evan Williams Bourbon Traditional Tour & Tasting, including what it means to “shoot” the Falls of the Ohio and a glimpse into the early politics of the River City. Of course, the real star here is the Evan Williams bourbon, which today is bottled by Heaven Hill and distributed worldwide, with booming markets in Japan, China and Australia, to name only a few.

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After the tour, also be sure to browse all the incredible Evan Williams merchandise in the distillery's Retail Store, which includes a variety of sauces, apparel, gift items, accessories and - you guessed it - bourbon!

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