Dining Along Historic Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky - Louisville Article

Dining Along Historic Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky

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Dining Along Historic Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky

Jun 18, 2019

Over the past several years, Frankfort Avenue in Louisville has become a hotbed for some of the best local dining spots. Restaurants along "The Avenue," as locals fondly call it, feature a variety of cuisines and most of these are chef owned and operated, adding to their appeal and success.

Best Restaurants on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, KY

In fact, many of our favorite dining destinations in Louisville are located on Frankfort Avenue and they deliver on every visit. Two of the city’s most knowledgeable wine and bourbon experts call Frankfort Avenue home as well. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Volare Italian Ristorante has been serving fine modern and authentic Italian cuisine here for many years. Chef Joshua Moore combines his expert skills with a passion for locally sourced ingredients and house-made products. The combination of Chef Moore’s passions and the refined Italian design of the dining rooms are a winning combination.

  • Bourbons Bistro is another local favorite featuring a seasonal menu that is bourbon inspired and the ingredients local sourced. With over 130 bourbons available and a barrel selection program overseen by owner and bourbon aficionado Jason Brauner, Bourbons Bistro also serves as nerve center of Bourbon experience. Jason’s bourbon knowledge is only matched by John Johnson at the Wine Rack just a few steps up the street.

Best Frankfort Avenue Restaurants

  • Fork & Barrel was recently opened by chef/owner Geoffrey Heyde and his wife Emily. He uses good, wholesome ingredients and his own classic skills, always selecting the best and freshest local ingredients for the most delicious dish possible. They deliver courteous service and sense of family that makes you feel instantly welcome and at home.

  • The Wine Rack is also a local nerve center of Bourbon experiences. Owner John Johnson has an in-depth knowledge of both wines and bourbons, and he’ll gladly share when asked. The wine and bourbon selections he offers have been carefully chosen based on the quality of the product. If you’re looking for some bourbon inspiration and /or want to take some of that back home with you, The Wine Rack is your answer.

The Avenue and the fine restaurants and business that are located here have established themselves as a reputable and reliable resource for local dining and entertainment. Most of them have been in business for many years and you can expect them to continue that tradition for many more to come!

For more information, please visit Frankfort Avenue online at frankfortave.com


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