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Chef Joshua Moore

Chef Joshua Moore: Keeping Louisville's Dining Scene In The News

Mar 9, 2019

One of Louisville’s most respected and well-liked chefs, Joshua Moore, has been in the news a lot lately! His recent win on the popular television show Chopped has kept him in the public eye as has his well known social media posts of giant fish that he brings into Volare weekly to prepare for his guests.

For his recent Chopped win Chef Moore brought home a prize of $10,000! For those of you who missed the original airing you can catch up by finding Episode 8 of Season 38 of the show.

Chef Moore is an owner and partner of Volare Italian Ristorante, located on Louisville’s historic Frankfort Avenue. Volare has been a local favorite for many years and is consistently ranked as one of Louisville’s premier dining destinations.

Chef Moore has been cooking for over 20 years and, in addition to his recent Chopped victory has cooked for many celebrities including, Muhammad Ali, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Coach Calipari and the entire 2012UK Championship basketball team among a long list of other notables.

We recently chatted with Chef Moore about his enthusiasm for cooking and what he likes about the Louisville dining scene. Here we’ve shared his comments:

“I love what I do for a living, I never wake up and say ‘I don’t want to cook today’ it’s awesome to love what you do and be excited about it.”

How did you develop your love of cooking?

My love for cooking was developed at an early age by my grandmothers. My mom said even as a kindergartner I would change the television from cartoons to cooking shows. I was basically born with a love for cooking

How did you end up in or choose to work in Louisville?

I am a Louisville native born and raised. My first restaurant job in Louisville was at age 14, 24 years later here I am still...

What is your favorite thing about cooking?

I love the creativity I get to express and the excitement of the guest when they sample a dish

What is your favorite thing about Louisville?

I love how diverse and close knit the culinary scene is! Louisville is very lucky to have all the independent restaurants we have!

Your thoughts on the future of Louisville’s foodie scene?

The food scene here much like the city as a whole will continue to grow and flourish! I am excited to be part of it!

As you can see Chef Moore is very enthusiastic about his cooking. But don’t just take our word for it…make a reservation at Volare Ristornate to experience it for yourself! Here’s a link to make it easy for you:

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