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Made In Kentucky: Best Products from the Bluegrass State

Updated Mar 9, 2019

While Kentucky is famous for being the home of most bourbon distilleries and tours, the Bluegrass State also offers many other products that feature the unique character and flavor of Kentucky! Everything from candy and chocolate to racehorse liniment, soaps, furniture, unique stoneware and far more, producers in the state of Kentucky create a wide variety of high-quality products that are coveted around the world.

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Huber's Starlight Distillery: Indiana's Contribution to the Craft Spirit Boom

Updated Oct 18, 2018

Starlight Distillery was established in 2001, beginning with brandy distilling. It was a thoughtful decision to produce spirits in the Huber family winery, established in the 1970’s, as a natural extension of their very popular wine production.

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