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Carter Gross of Wild Rita's

Carter Gross:Wild Rita's

May 17, 2018

Carter began cooking while in music school. It was a natural transition from Jazz to the Kitchen as they both draw from the same creative well. He began in pastry and bread baking which he still loves. He transitioned from pastry, to sous chef when he joined the team that opened El Camino. "I took a lot away from that experience. It shaped my love for Latin American food that led me eventually here, to Wild Ritas. Now I get to mix my love for the southern united states and Kentucky with the colors and flavors of Latin America."

How did you develop your love of cooking?

By traveling, meeting different cultures, and experiencing the power that cooking and food has to bring people together.

How did you end up in or choose to work in Louisville?

Louisville has always been my home, its one of a kind in way you have to experience firsthand. I still look forward to coming home no matter where I go.

What is your favorite thing about cooking?

For me cooking connects every moment of my life. From dinner with my grandparents as a kid, to pancakes with my wife and kids, to a rocking derby dinner service. It adds fluidity to all of our lives.

Your thoughts on the future of Louisville’s foodie scene?

I look forward to seeing the industry take even more pride in our unique context. That’s our charge I think, we sit at a culinary cross road to America; its an exciting future.

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