Eat Your Bourbon with Bourbon Barrel Foods - Louisville Article

Eat Your Bourbon with Bourbon Barrel Foods in Louisville, KY

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Eat Your Bourbon with Bourbon Barrel Foods in Louisville, KY

Published Mar 6, 2018
Updated Nov 5, 2018

In the condiment world, a large amount of time is spent concocting new recipes and perfecting flavor combinations. Matt Jamie of Bourbon Barrel Foods in Louisville, KY, prefers to keep it simple. Simple and handcrafted.

Bourbon Barrel Foods Soy Sauce

While many of his peers were content to spend just a few gratuitous seconds removing the lid of a soy sauce bottle or opening a to-go packet, Matt Jamie looked closer. A LOT closer. With fresh eyes, wondering “What If?...” Reaching back to what he had learned during years spent in Louisville, Kentucky, Matt began to notice the parallels between soy sauce brewing and small batch bourbon distilling that results in the best Kentucky bourbon.

And just like that, an idea was born that eventually led to Bourbon Barrel Foods. First, non-GMO soybeans were acquired, soft red winter wheat was located and the very best limestone-filtered Kentucky spring water was purchased at the source. Oh, and a few bourbon barrels - which had just been emptied after holding years of Kentucky's best bourbons - were brought back to Matt's soy sauce brewery in the Butchertown area of Louisville, KY.

A blond-haired guy from Kentucky brewing soy sauce? Oh, yes! The amazing result is Bluegrass Soy Sauce, America's only micro-brewed variety of this popular condiment.

"More soy sauce is spilled in a day by the "big guys" than we make in a year," Matt shared.

We're cool with that.

All brought to you courtesy of Matt Jamie, Founder and President of Bourbon Barrel Foods, where you will also find many more amazing items, such as vegetarian Bourbon-Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce, Bourbon-Barrel Smoked Spices and Sugar, hand-harvested Kentucky-grown Songhum abd Bourbon-Barrel Aged Vanilla Extract.

Long story short? Eat your Bourbon.

Bourbon Barrel Foods Retail Store

Interested? Visit the Bourbon Barrel Foods retail location on Frankfort Avenue! You’ll love their “tasteful” selection of merchandise!

2710 Frankfort Avenue (in historic Cresent Hill)
(502) 618-0939

Contact Bourbon Barrel Foods to book your tour today at (502) 333-6103 or

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