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Published Oct 16, 2017
Updated Aug 3, 2018

It is difficult to track down the exact beginnings of the Margarita cocktail. There are several stories… All completely different… Connecting the Margarita to its Mexican origins. Legends do point to it being originated in the late 1930’s and Jose Cuervo was known to have run the first advertisement for the Margarita in 1945.

The basic Margarita ingredients consist of: Tequila, Triple Sec and Lime Juice served in a salt-rimmed glass. Variations of this theme along with the use of various qualities of liquor can impact the flavor and consistency of the Margarita … For better or worse.

We all have our favorite recipe and/or watering hole to enjoy these delicious concoctions. For a new and very bold twist on this traditional drink, Wild Rita’s Mexican restaurant in Louisville has gone the extra mile in creating their signature “Wild Rita.”

The one and only "Wild Rita" is made “au natural” with 100% Agave, Jose Cuervo Traditional Silver Tequila, Grand Marnier, freshly squeezed lime juice and natural agave. (No syrup used here!) To make it even bolder and over the top, the Wild Rita margarita is set on fire at the table as you’re being served! Certainly unforgettable and it tastes even better than it sounds…Or looks!

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In keeping with the big and bold theme, the dining room at Wild Rita’s restaurant in Louisville features Chihuly inspired brightly colored blown glass that is made locally by Flame Run Glass Studio and Gallery as well as brightly decorated tables, chairs and walls.

Wild Rita's is an over-the-top modern Mexican and tequila bar that is home to a special and exclusive Margarita menu including 7 House Specialty Margaritas. If you prefer your Tequila straight up, Wild Rita’s is home to Louisville’s most extensive and complete list of Mexican Tequilas as well as Cervezas and Cerveza Cocktails!

A traditional Mexican lunch and dinner menu with many modern twists complements the Tequila and drink menus. Bottom line? Wild Rita’s Mexican restaurant in Louisville is guaranteed to enlighten and broaden your dining horizons each and every time you visit!

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