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Allen Hubbard: Martini Italian Bistro

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Allen Hubbard: Martini Italian Bistro

Published Aug 20, 2017
Updated Sep 9, 2017

Allen Hubbad was born in Louisville, Kentucky and has two children. He spent six years in the US Marine Corps as a Food Service Specialist and graduated from Sullivan University with a Culinary Arts Degree. He worked as Sous Chef at Vincenzo's, spent 4 years as an Executive Chef at 2 local universities and has been with Martini Italian Bistro for over 7 years. His hobbies include going to the track, dancing, traveling and of course a good meal!

How did you develop your love of cooking?

From being around Grand Parents. Both Grandfathers and Granny were also cooks.

How did you end up in or choose to work in Louisville?

My Mom told me to come home after military from California. Got married, had kids, the rest is history.

What is your favorite thing about cooking?

Feeding people. The look on their faces after a good meal is priceless.

What is your favorite thing about Louisville?

The diversity in the restaurant scene.

Your thoughts on the future of Louisville’s foodie scene?

It will continue to grow especially with Sullivan Univeristy bringing a lot of talent to the city.

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