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Matt Weber: Uptown Cafe

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Matt Weber: Uptown Cafe

Published Aug 14, 2017
Updated Aug 17, 2017

A Louisville native Matt Weber began his culinary career at Cafe Metro one of the city’s first premier fine dine restaurants, and the Uptown’s now defunct sister restaurant, in the 1980’s. During his time at Cafe Metro he worked as a busser,server and Pastry Chef. He made the transition to the Uptown Cafe in the early ’90’s where he honed his cooking skills and became Head Chef. Matt lives in Crescent Hill with his wife and two sons. In addition his passion for food and wine Matt enjoys spending time with his family, cycling and staying fit.

How did you develop your love of cooking?

I attended the University of Louisville, for Fine Arts, with a concentration in photography. While working my way through school I worked at Café Metro, one of Louisville’s first fine dining establishments on Restaurant Row, I soon discovered my love of cooking. So, going from visual arts to food arts seemed a natural transition.

How did you end up in or choose to work in Louisville?

Louisville has always been a natural fit for me. It has everything I love, family, great food and thriving arts.

What is your favorite thing about cooking?

It’s really exciting to take locally grown products and transform them into something tasty and delicious. I enjoy seeing people’s appreciation for my creations.

What is your favorite thing about Louisville?

Louisville is quite diverse in the food and arts scene while maintaining a small town feel.

Your thoughts on the future of Louisville’s foodie scene?

I would like to see more restaurants become even more progressive with farm to table efforts.

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