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My Old Kentucky Homemade: Kern's Kitchen and Derby-Pie

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My Old Kentucky Homemade: Kern's Kitchen and Derby-Pie

Published Jun 28, 2017
Updated May 13, 2019

Handcrafted for more than 60 years in Louisville, Kern’s Derby-Pie® chocolate nut pie is a true – and truly delicious – Kentucky tradition. Leaudra and Walter Kern, along with their son George, created the very first Derby-Pie® in 1954 at the Melrose Inn, which was located in Prospect, Kentucky. To this day, Kern’s Kitchen still crafts each pie, one at a time, according to that legendary secret recipe.

Kern’s Kitchen Today

Over the years, Kern’s Kitchen has gone from making around 2,000 pies every year, to sometimes making 2,000 pies in a single day! To put that kind of growth in perspective, the company once baked around three pies at a time, then 24, and now bakes 240 pies at once.

“We’ll take out more pies this week than we took out in all of 1964,” shared Leaudra and Walter Kern’s grandson Alan Rupp referencing Derby week. “We’re reaching out and engaging with many more people these days.”

Despite this exponential growth, Rupp says Kern’s Kitchen has remained focused on providing the same quality of pie you would expect to find in grandma’s kitchen and making that type of homemade product readily available to a larger audience. This starts with the crust, but also includes the top-secret filling and a sharp focus on quality control that comes down to every individual who works at Kern’s Kitchen.

“The Derby-Pie® name is something that draws your attention,” shared Rupp. “And then once you try it, I think that’s the real bang!”

Kern’s Derby-Pie® Ingredients

Although we can’t tell you exactly how it’s made because the recipe a well-kept secret, we can reveal that the ingredients of Kern’s Derby-Pie® include premium chocolate and choice walnuts, which are folded into a decadent filling, then baked in a delicate crust.

The result? Well, the proof is in the pie! Derby-Pie® is perfectly sweet, pleasingly rich, with a light yet sumptuous texture found only in the finest of homemade pies. After all, Kern’s Derby-Pie® has been a local, artisanal product since that very first pie came out of our oven—and we’ll stay that way, one pie at a time!

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