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The Craft Spirit Boom

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The Craft Spirit Boom

Published Sep 25, 2016
Updated Oct 17, 2016

The Craft Spirit Boom

Following quick on the heels of the Craft Beer boom, distillers have begun creating craft spirits and
the growth has been tremendous over the past few years.

A decade ago you may have counted 50 craft distilleries in the U.S. There are now approximately 800! You can find delectablycrafted gins, vodkas, brandies, bourbons and just about any spirit you’d want. 

Whiskey, gin and vodka are the most popular spirits being produced by craft distillers. Many of these small batch distillers forego national distribution in favor of remaining local. Many offer tasting rooms from which to sample product and of course product can be purchased at the facility.

Current hotspots for craft spirit distilling are Oregon and Washington. These are not surprisingly also hot spots for craft beers. However, the Starlight Distillery in Starlight Indiana has been a destination distillery for several years. Only a short drive from downtown Louisville they offer a complete line of craft spirits, many of them award
winning in their respective categories.

Established in 2001, the Starlight Distillery is located in the knobs of Southern Indiana, just a short drive over the Ohio River from Louisville. It sits in the middle of 650+ acres of fruit trees, vineyards, pumpkin patches, strawberries, bramble fruits, and vegetables. Whiskey corn is grown on the property, including non GMO heirloom
varietals, a red, white and blue.

Steep growth is expected to continue for the craft spirits distilling industry. Currently the industry is growing at 30% and is expected to reach an overall market share of 8% by 2020. Whiskey is definitely the dominant craft spirit, accounting for about 37% of craft label products, but gin, vodka and rum are also very popular and on the

It is certainly an exciting time in the craft spirits industry and you can count on more positive news soon!

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