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The Big Four Bridge

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The Big Four Bridge

Published Sep 25, 2016
Updated Oct 17, 2016

Big Four Bridge

The Big Four® Bridge links Louisville Waterfront Park to Jeffersonville, Indiana over the Ohio River. The Big Four® was built as a railroad bridge in 1895, and decommissioned in the 1960’s, when the ramps to the bridge on both sides of the river were removed. It was included in the original Waterfront Master Plan as a pedestrian bridge. The bridge opened to the public in February 2013, and has averaged more than 1.5 million visits
per year.

The Big Four® Bridge has an LED lighting system that wraps designated areas of the bridge fretwork in vibrant colors that can be programmed into a rainbow of effects, highlighting the beauty and strength of the bridge structure, which dates back to its days as an active urban railroad bridge. The lights bathe the ironwork with color that enhances the bridge, while still allowing visitors to enjoy the wonderful views out from the bridge. Lights operate daily from twilight to 1:00 a.m

The Louisville ramp is approximately 1/4 mile, the bridge itself is approximately 1/2 mile, and the Jeffersonville ramp is approximately 1/4 mile, for a total round trip of 2 miles.

For more specific info including rules of the Bridge please visit:

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