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Man Cannot Live On Bourbon Alone

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Man Cannot Live On Bourbon Alone

Published Apr 6, 2015
Updated Oct 17, 2016

(Not That We Haven't Tried)

This is Kentucky, but even here, there’s more to drink than bourbon. If I had 8 hours in Louisville with unlimited cab fare, here’s the path I’d take.

Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse
Let’s start out strong with a smoked beer and their amazing Sunday brunch menu complete with their Chorizo Biscuits and Gravy.

Apocalypse Brew Works
Even though Apocalypse is only open Friday and Saturday evenings, let’s just pretend I have the keys. I let myself in and pour a Watermelon Crack then lock the doors back and enjoy this refreshing light beer out in their parking lot. All by myself.

Bluegrass Brewing Company Taproom
Again, since I have the keys to all the breweries, because they trust me. I stop in BBC Taproom to enjoy a fresh-off-the-line Bourbon Barrel Stout. A Louisville standby.

Falls City Taproom
Wine or beer? Not a super hard decision for this beer geek. I belly up to the bar and get a Hipster Repellant IPA. That’ll keep them at bay.

Cumberland Brewery
Early lunch: I grab a Nitro Porter and fish sandwich from this Highlands institution. Or should I get the IPA and a Bison burger? Sigh.

BBC Brewpub
It’s hard to resist getting an order of beer cheese and pretzels to go with my American Pale Ale at the oldest operating brewpub in Louisville.

Water from gas station

Great Flood Brewing
I have to get a taste of their signature Brown Ale to keep this train moving along.

New Albanian Brewing Company
I’m feeling it by now, and have to stop for pizza in Indiana. Some of the best pizza in the area, washed down with my favorite Southern Indiana beer: Bonfire of the Valkyries.

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