Urban Bourbon Trail: A Passport to Louisville - Louisville Article

Urban Bourbon Trail: A Passport to Louisville

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Urban Bourbon Trail: A Passport to Louisville

Published Mar 15, 2015
Updated May 2, 2017

The Urban Bourbon Trail is a unique opportunity to discover Louisville distilleries and explore the Derby City's rich bourbon heritage. As you may expect, Louisville is home to some of the world’s best bourbon bars and restaurants, many of which are located along the Urban Bourbon Trail, taking full advantage of their easy access to top Kentucky bourbon distilleries.

How to Experience the Urban Bourbon Trail in Louisville

This self-guided Louisville Urban Bourbon Trail tour will enlighten you to Louisville’s fascinating bourbon heritage, all while sipping some of the best varieties of bourbon available. Check out the Urban Bourbon Trail map and you'll see the stops along the tour include a series of select hotels, bars and restaurants that all feature an extensive menu of the area’s finest bourbon.

Upon arriving at your first stop, pick up an Urban Bourbon Trail Passport. This passport contains maps, listings and descriptions for each of the stops along the way and will assist you in navigating as much of the route as you decide to take in. Although the Urban Bourbon Trail is centered around downtown Louisville, many of our favorite stops are located in the areas immediately surrounding downtown.

Top Louisville Urban Bouron Trail Destinations:

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