The Flats and Flats East Bank in Cleveland - Entertainment

The Flats and Flats East Bank in Cleveland

The Flats and Flats East Bank in Cleveland

The Flats History in Cleveland

With the demise of the steel industry, many of the abandoned warehouses were renovated and The Flats became a hub of nightclubs and various entertainment destinations in the 1980’s and 1990’s. At its peak in the early 1990’s, The Flats were home to the highest concentration of bars in the Midwest.

After a period of quiet since the mid 90’s the Flats is now being redeveloped and features some of downtown Cleveland’s most exciting entertainment options.

Get to Know the Flats East Bank in Cleveland

The Flats is divided into two distinctive areas occupying both sides of the Cuyahoga River: The East and West
Banks. The East Bank is closest to downtown Cleveland and is quickly becoming a business and lifestyle landmark, with a number of great restaurants, bars and more.

Located between the western edge of the Warehouse District along W. 10th St and the Cuyahoga River the
Flats East Bank features new hotels, several restaurants, residential living and a 1,000-foot-long boardwalk along
the banks of the Cuyahoga River. This area is a nerve center of new development and is attracting a lot of attention locally and nationally.

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New and exciting destinations such as the Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar and Flip Side Burgers have recently
located in the neighborhood. The restaurants and entertainment facilities locating in this area are upscale, modern and offer the local flavors and personality of Cleveland’s nationally recognized and rapidly growing foodie scene.

Rivergate Park was developed by the Cleveland Rowing Foundation to accommodate canoeing, kayaking and dragon boating and also calls the Flats East Bank home. This fabulous park provides an excellent opportunity to experience great views of the city while relaxing in one of the city’s most historic areas.

The Crooked River Skate Park is located in Rivergate Park as well. This state of the art course is open year round and in all types of weather. Experienced skaterboarders claim the weather variations make the course even more fun!

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Exploring the Flats West Bank in Cleveland

The West Bank has been established a bit longer then the East bank and is home to several businesses that have been located there for many years. Shooters Waterfront Café, the Nautica Entertainment Complex, Jacobs Pavilion, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium and the Nautica Queen cruise ship have all called the West Bank home for some time.

The FirstEnergy Powerhouse, a former power station located between the Jacobs Pavilion and the Nautica
Queen base, has been transformed to host a few major local attractions and restaurants. It is home to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, the Nautica Café, Windows on the River and all together these three destinations provide a fun family adventure in one location.

Discover the Best Cleveland Flats Restaurants

Recently, Steelyard Commons was developed near the West Bank just south of the downtown area and features a wide array of retail, restaurants and even a 1 mile stretch of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath.

Many family-friendly events are held here throughout the year as well. There are numerous restaurants and nightclubs located here that offer many excellent entertainment and dining options. Many of the best and most memorable skyline shots of downtown Cleveland have been taken from the West Bank.

There are many plans and new projects in store for the Flats East and West Bank in 2016. New restaurants,
apartments and office buildings are anticipated to continue opening in the area and the Flats will soon, once
again, be downtown Cleveland’s hottest destination.

Both Banks combine for an essential Cleveland experience and together offer a complete range of activities appealing to any and every interest and age level no matter what time of day!

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