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Mitchell's Fish Market 
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Mitchell's Fish Market
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28601 Chagrin Blvd.
Woodmere, OH

 Mitchell's Fish Market is a premier upscale-casual seafood restaurant concept featuring the absolute freshest seafood. We serve the freshest and finest seafood from the world’s great fisheries, and our seafood expertise means we know the ideal species to source depending on region, season and weather. After the day’s catch arrives, we inspect every piece to ensure it meets our standards for world-class quality, then cut and prepare everything in-house.

Our menu is updated daily to feature Today’s Market Catch, along with the weather report for where it was caught. And we offer a variety of seafood options grilled or broiled, blackened, cooked Shang Hai style, or prepared to your taste. Can’t decide? Let our expert associates guide you to the perfect choice. Want to have it all? Try one of our seafood combination dishes.

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