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Ohio City
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Ohio City
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Known as Cleveland’s “artisan neighborhood,” Ohio City is characterized by tree-lined streets and welcoming front porches. Brimming with historic charm and home to fabulous restaurants and plenty of green space, this community is located just across the Cuyahoga River from downtown Cleveland near the foot of the Veterans Bridge and Lorain Carnegie Bridge.

Today, a diverse mixture of 10,000 residents and approximately 15 ethnic groups call this area home, giving it a distinct eclectic flair. Home to the historic, European-styled Westside Market, which was built in 1912 and draws upwards of one million visitors each year, its no surprise that Ohio City is part of an economic transformation in Cleveland that is led by a number of artisan entrepreneurs.

Over the past few years a number of independently owned and operated restaurants have been calling Oho City home. Several nightspots offer exciting options for an evening outing, as well.