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Cru Uncorked: Making Wine Fun and Accessible


We’ve already told you about the exceptional dining and service that you can expect to find at Cru Uncorked restaurant... But now we’re going to take that even farther by letting you know about the expansive and exceptional wine selection, along with the incredible ongoing wine education programs, that are available at this iconic Cleveland dining destination!

Cru Uncorked Cleveland Offers Excuisite, Enjoyable Fine Dining in Moreland Hills, Ohio

You might not realize this at first glance, but Cru Uncorked has the capacity to hold more than 6,000 bottles of wine at any one time. They also oversee an off-premise facility that's used to properly age bottled wines so they are presented to you in their finest glory. This extensive wine collection includes every variety of wine imaginable and at every price point, with bottles ranging from $35 to $26,500!

Cru Uncorked Restaurant Offers Expert Service for Selecting the Right Wine

Please be assured that regardless of your budget and current knowledge of wine, the staff at Cru Uncorked have been very well trained and are excellent resources to ensure you will find the right wine at the right price, that also pairs best with any dish ordered.

As president of Cru Uncorked, Chris Oppewall is in charge of the wine selection as well as training the staff to learn and appreciate the nuances of all wine, ensuring they can be the best possible resource for you. His focus on the wine selection is, “Not to necessarily have the widest selection, but to have the best wines available and to deliver the best service we can provide.”

The wine focus at Cru Uncorked is certainly French, and their selection is extensive. However, they also feature the best wines from around the world, including California, Italy, Spain, Australia and other parts of the Southern hemisphere including Chile and Argentina.

Cru Uncorked Wine List Continues To Develop 

It takes a considerable amount of time and knowledge to properly build a wine collection the size and breadth of Cru’s. While Mr. Oppewall thinks they are “over the hump” in cultivating their collection, he also expects it to take another 12-18 months to have the list as fully developed as planned.

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Chris trains the staff at Cru Uncorked to communicate the qualities of the wines to their guests in appropriate terms they can understand. By listening to what the customer wants, the staff can explain the wines in realistic terms. Due to his insightful training, the staff at Cru Uncorked completes one of the most respected wine programs in the US.

Relax: At Cru Uncorked There Are No Bad Choices To Be Made

At Cru Uncorked, they want you to be comfortable asking questions and have removed any pretense of intimidation regarding how much you may or may not know about wine and wine pairing. The restaurant has also curated a wine selection that should make all wine lovers feel relaxed, because there are truly no bad choices to be made! Pairings are also available for one dish or an entire table of food - just ask!

While wine is most frequently bought by the bottle at Cru Uncorked, the staff here has also very carefully chosen wines available by the glass that complement the restaurant’s cuisine.

The bottom line at Cru Uncorked is, according to Chris, “to serve the right wine at the right time.”

The staff at Cru have made a complete, educational and most importantly, enjoyable, wine experience accessible to anyone who is interested in learning more about the topic, at any level of knowledge and/or price point.

Cru Uncorked Regularly Offers Special Wine Tastings and Pairing Events!

If you want to dive in a little deeper, Cru Uncorked restaurant in Moreland Hills offers two very interactive and engaging wine programs:

On Wednesdays you can enjoy ½ price bottles of wine for all bottles offered under $100. This allows their guests to be a little experimental and try a wine they’ve never had with little risk to expand their wine knowledge and experience.

Cru Uncorked also hosts two Wine Tasting Events each month. This program encourages their guest to expand their palate and worldview as it relates to wine. Many times, a wine representative from the vineyards that are being featured will attend to provide additional insight into the wine’s origins. During the Cru Uncorked wine tasting dinners, five to six wines are typically featured in about an hour, with prices ranging from $50-85.

Cru Uncorked restaurant in Cleveland is also home to a very cozy wine bar that serves before and after dinner drinks to enhance your dining experience. There is also a gorgeous and well-appointed outdoor patio, open as weather permits, that adjoins the bar and offers a very relaxing setting to further enjoy your wine.

The staff at Cru encourages you to come in and expand your wine knowledge and learn from the best. They are very accessible, as well as very knowledgeable about their wines, and enthusiastically want to share that with you to enhance each visit, as well as your appreciation of wine moving forward. In short, they have taken what can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience and made it fun, friendly and educational!

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