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b.a. Sweetie Candy Co: The Largest Candy Store in North America

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b.a. Sweetie Candy Co: The Largest Candy Store in North America

Published Feb 28, 2018
Updated Feb 9, 2019

This five-acre campus is one of the largest-attended attractions in Northeast Ohio… For many sweet reasons, but the crown jewel is definitely Sweeties Candy Store!

Largest Candy Store in North America

The 40,000-square-foot building contains more than 500,000 pounds of candy. 16 aisles are stacked 20 feet in the air, packed packed with more than 4,500 different candies and valued at more than $3,000,000.00!

The warehouse store has all of the old time candy favorites and all of the new kid's crazes. Sweeties purchases all of its candy direct from more than 190 different candy manufacturers. The inventory levels and selection is unmatched by anyone… Anywhere.

Most Popular Candies at b.a. Sweetie in Cleveland

The bulk Jelly Belly jellybean department is 32-feet long, with more than 160 bins to dispense as much or as little of the 80 flavors that you want. What's more, the stock level of Jelly Belly candies exceeds 10,000 pounds in stock at any given time!

The Pez candy and toy department has more than 8,000 of the most-current Pez toys available. The candy bar department features all of the national, regional, and hard to find candy bars. This 48-foot department has more than 180,000 candy bars! In addition, upwards of 800 bins of candy are available, with sweets sold bulk by the scoop starting at just $2.99 per pound! Expect to see lots of licorice, gummi, chocolate, pick a mix, gumballs, hard candy, chewy candy, sour candy, branded candy, and much more.

Sweeties Candy also has the absolute largest variety and stock levels of old fashion and funky soda pops, and most are sold in 12-oz glass bottles made with pure cane sugar. There are more than 300 varieties, including everything from imported national brands to regional brands, to some really goofy flavors like buttered corn, maple bacon, and cucumber! The store also stocks more than 35,000 bottles of these sugary treats.

b.a. Sweetie Soda Shoppe

Included in this huge warehouse store is Sweeties Soda Shoppe, which seats at least 150 guests. The soda shoppe also serves 36 different ice cream flavors, all made on the premises. Choose between a single cone, banana split, signature sundae, milkshake or float. All of the floats are served with a 12-oz glass bottle of pure cane sugar soda. The farm-feel décor of this soda shoppe is like nothing else you can find!

Tractor seat chairs, swing seats, chicken coup lighting, barn doors, 10-gallon milk containers, and pictures of cows and farms everywhere! The soda shoppe also features it's very own chocolate sauce, hot fudge, and 10 varieties of Sweeties signature soda pop. A private party room is available here for up to 50 guests.

Sweeties Candy Mini Golf

The Sweeties Golfland miniature golf course is located on a one-acre parcel of land right on the premises. Golfand is open to the public from mid-May through mid-October. The lush, resort-style course includes two 18-hole golf courses set against a backdrop of amazing landscaping. Expect to see natural stone boulders, ponds, bridges, mature trees, benches, an enclosed patio area, multiple gazebos, a koi fish pond... And lollipops everywhere!

The night golf play at Sweeties Golfland is - without a doubt - the very best around. At dusk, the l.e.d. lights illuminate all of the trees, gazebos and features with multiple colors, while the black lights light up all of the clubs, balls and bricks. The setting is spectacular!

Tie all of this together, and you can see that the Sweeties campus truly has something for everyone. Plan a visit to see why more than 500,000 people visit this sweet haven every year!

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