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America's Playing Field: Visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio

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America's Playing Field: Visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio

Jan 9, 2019

As a young boy growing up in the Midwest in the early 1970’s, my Sunday afternoons in the fall and winter were filled with the NFL and the resulting family gatherings that ensued. The voice of Curt Gowdy will be forever etched into my conciousness as he called the games for the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.

Pro Football Hall of Fame 2019:

Always in the middle of all of those games was a commercial highlighting the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. The discussion in the room would always then turn to the Hall of Fame and how we might plan a visit. And where exactly was Canton, Ohio? (none of us knew!) We were football crazed and the thought of all of that memorabilia, official game stats and history all in one place was almost too much to imagine at the time.

It took me about 40 years to make that journey, but the Hall lived up to my expectations. Some of my favorite players from those days are even still recognized there!

Pro Football Hall of Fame Members

The Hall of Fame of course now has much more history to display and the various changes that the game has endured over its lifetime are well documented. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is also much much larger now than it would have been in 1973.

You’ll find authentic NFL team memorabilia, the Vince Lombardi Trophy, a complete W-L record of every team’s performance and schedule since their inception, videos, instant replay machines and literally everything you would expect and hope to see.

You can also design your own Super Bowl ring, see the actual ones and the Hall of Fame Gallery includes a bust for every inducted player (even OJ Simpson). At the end of your visit you will arrive at the Museum Store, where all 32 teams are respresented. This is the ultimate stop for you or your favorite football fan’s every related NFL need.

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On top of all of this excitement (or actually in the middle of it) you must take a moment to visit the Game for Life holographic theater. Narrated by “Broadway” Joe Namath, this  film translates the competitive spirit and team building experience of everyone who ever has or will play the game into real life and how important these lessons are for everyone, everyday.

A visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is an exhilarating experience that is a must do for even the most casual fan of the NFL. You’ll leave the museum with a much better understanding of the game and its impact on its fans throughout the world.

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