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Discover the b.a. Sweetie Candy Company in Parma, Ohio
Discover the b.a. Sweetie Candy Company in Parma, Ohio

Discover the b.a. Sweetie Candy Company in Parma, Ohio

Jun 16, 2017, 12:00 am

The b.a. Sweetie Candy Company is located in Parma, which is just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Sweeties Candy has the bragging rights to being the largest candy store in North America, with 16 aisles of candy with sweets stacked 16 feet in the air! 

Best Candy Store in Cleveland

The selection and inventory levels at the b.a. Sweetie Candy Company is unmatched anywhere in Ohio or the entire country! With 4,500 different items, over 500,000 pounds of sweets, worth more than $3,000,000. 

The b.a. Sweetie Candy Company also has the largest Jelly Bean department found anywhere in the continental U.S., and the Pez dispenser and candy department has more than 4,000 dispensers for sale at just $1.99.

Don't forget to check out the candy bar wall, which offers a huge selection at just .99 cents, and more than 180,000 different candy bars to choose from! Browse everything from old-time candies to the latest' craze among kids.

The seasonal candy department is also amazing and always changing, with a wide selection of delicious treats. Shop all the major brands and those that are hard to find!

b.a. Sweeties Soda Shoppe

Be sure to visit the old fashioned soda shop department at Sweeties Candy, which has more than 300 unique flavors sold in glass bottles, most of which are made with real cane sugar and more than 40,000 bottles in stock. Click here to view the b.a. Sweeties Soda Shoppe menu!

Sweeties Candy is open to the public 7 days a week.

Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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