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Cleveland Indians: History on Exhibit

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Cleveland Indians: History on Exhibit

Published Oct 27, 2016
Updated Nov 3, 2016

So, the Cleveland Indians didn't achieve World Series Championship status. That's okay. This certainly wasn't the first time the Tribe saw some World Series action. This is actually the sixth time they’ve battled for World Series championship status.

So, it probably goes without saying, but the team’s got a history that’s just as much fascinating as much as it is storied. Get a history lesson on the Cleveland Indians, its ballparks and the fans who follow them as you visit the home of the 2016 ALCS pennent winners. 


Did you know that during their formative years the Cleveland Indians were known as the “Cleveland Naps?”

While today we might think that name is pretty snooze-worthy, it was actually a reflection of the team’s star player “Nap Lajorie,” who drew thousands of fans to each game.

Over the years, the Cleveland Indians have been led by some of the greats: Bob Feller, Cy Young, Larry Doby, Rocky Colavito, Gaylord Perry, Kenny Lofton and Jim Thome to name a few.

The team’s home started at League Park in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood, but later moved to Cleveland Municipal Stadium located along Lake Erie downtown. In 1993, the Indians played their first game inside their very own home at Jacob’s Field (now called Progressive Field).

Want to learn more? Head over to the Cleveland History Center in University Circle.

Visit The Cleveland History Center

Upon entering the Cleveland History Center, you’re met with the giant Chief Wahoo neon sign that once adorned Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Located in the arts and culture-centric University Circle, The Cleveland History Center is the go-to museum for all things Cleveland.  

Now through Nov. 11, special Indians history/memorabilia will be on display, as well as the institution’s vast collection of Cleveland artifacts and history.  


Built in 1891, League Park was the original home of what we know of as the Cleveland Indians today. Located in the east side Hough neighborhood, League Park hosted the Indian’s first World Series win in 1920 when they played against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

On top of that, the historic stadium (which closed in 1946) was the home to its National League baseball team (The Cleveland Spiders), the city’s first football team (The Cleveland Rams) and the Negro League champions (The Cleveland Buckeyes). 

Think you’ll never get to lay eyes on this history-making place. Think again. A refurbished League Park opened in its original location in 2014.

Visit League Park and the Baseball Heritage Museum

Visit Major League Baseball’s oldest existing ballpark Thanks to a $6.3 million investment by the City of Cleveland, League Park has been refurbished into a gorgeous pillar of the east side neighborhood 

Inside League Park’s original ticket house, you can check out the Baseball Heritage Museum, which features artifacts, autographs and other historical information covering the history of Cleveland baseball and League Park.  

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