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Spa West: Indulge, Relax, Invigorate

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Spa West: Indulge, Relax, Invigorate

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Spa West: Indulge, Relax, Invigorate

Published Aug 22, 2016
Updated Dec 6, 2017

Cleveland’s Spa West is a special oasis of beauty, calm and luxury unmatched anywhere else. Spa West is the only European style luxury spa in Ohio and their world-class treatments are administered by expert technicians trained to provide your utmost comfort.

Indulge, Relax, Invigorate

Devoted to your complete well-being and revitalization, Spa West places you on a pedestal of pampering and purification that will invigorate your spirit and replenish your soul.

Spa West offers the finest in massage therapy, facial treatments and makeup applications. For the body they offer envelopments, exfoliations and bath treatments. Spa West body treatments are designed to relax you while restoring your body’s nutrients and beauty. Several body massages are offered including Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Relaxation, Pre-Natal amongst others and all are administered by an expert staff.

Their complete line of facial procedures promotes a clear well-hydrated complexion. The Spa West Salon offers a compete line of hair services, including hair removal as well as manicure and pedicures..

The Spa West Cosmetic Service offers Coolsculpting, Venus Freeze and Laser Hair removal. The latest cosmetic procedures are performed by the finest highly skilled and board certified physicians. Their sophisticated approach pays careful attention to detail in all cosmetic procedures.

Spa West also features the use of the internationally renowned ESPA collection of oils and skincare products. ESPA are leaders in luxury spa products and treatments and utilize the highest quality organically or wild grown plant extracts, aromatherapy and marine activities for the best results.

Complete spa experiences are available for individuals, couples, groups and weddings. Choose your companions and schedule your spa day adventure! Spa West is a complete stop for everyone’s personal maintenance needs.

Spa West prides themselves in providing services and results “miles from the ordinary.” This oasis of tranquility is worth the trip and will leave you relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Give them a call at 440-899-7729 or visit them on the web at for a full list and description of all services available. Go even easier on yourself and enhance your visit with round trip transportation!

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