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Chef's Corner: Shawn Cline

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Chef's Corner: Shawn Cline

Published Aug 21, 2016
Updated Dec 6, 2017

Hospitality Restaurants’ chef/partner, Shawn Cline has been chasing quality ingredients and amazing food since he learned to cook alongside his grandmother. 

“I remember going to the garden, getting the freshest ripe vegetables and helping her make soup,” recalls Cline. “Even at 6 years old, she taught me the importance of quality ingredients. That is something that has driven our restaurants and chefs, it is an absolute fact that better ingredients make better food, the best dishes are created from the best ingredients,” muses Cline.

Blue Point Grille in the Downtown Warehouse District features fresh fish and oysters flown in daily. Cline notes; “Our commitment to quality extends to the land as well as we feature Certified Angus Beef® in every restaurant”. Whether enjoying the mouth watering 22 ounce Cowboy Cut Ribeye at Cabin Club in Westlake, or the Prime Delmonico at Delmonico’s in Independence, it is simply the gold standard for beef. “When creating the menu for Rosewood Grill (Strongsville, Hudson and Westlake) we wanted to have the best burger we could find” Cline mentions. “We tried 65 different varieties, grinds, and sizes from a variety of notable producers, but the top 5 were all Certified Angus Beef®. Side by side comparison with a blind tasting and all the chefs agree, it’s a home run.”

Headquartered in Wooster, Ohio, Certified Angus Beef® maintains relationships with top ranchers to highest quality is maintained. “I was born in Canton and have built the business in Cleveland, I’m all in!” notes Cline. “Our mission is to ‘Treat our guests as if they are guests in our own home’ and there is no better way to do that than doing what Grandma did; use the best local ingredients to make genuine and spectacular food. Some things just never change, and shouldn’t” adds Cline.

Hospitality Restaurants operates Cabin Club in Westlake, Salmon Dave’s in Rocky River, Blue Point Grille Downtown, Delmonico’s Steakhouse in Independence, and Rosewood Grill in Hudson, Strongsville and Westlake.

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