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Historic Warehouse District

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Historic Warehouse District

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Historic Warehouse District

Published Nov 10, 2013
Updated May 7, 2018

The streets of Cleveland's Historic Warehouse District, which encompasses W. 6th, W. 9th and W. St. Clair Streets, are lined with restaurants and entertainment venues, making the Warehouse District one of downtown Cleveland’s must-do experiences.  

The Historic Warehouse District is Cleveland’s first neighborhood and downtown’s oldest commercial center. A perfect mix of the past with contemporary ideas of today! Insider Tip: Be sure to check out the annual Warehouse District Street Festival every August!

During the 1800’s, The Warehouse District was a major hub of manufacturing in the US. It is now a popular place to live and do business as many of the warehouses have been rehabilitated into residences and commercial offices. The Historic Warehouse District is once again a nerve center of activity for downtown Cleveland.

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