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Murder On The Menu - Madtree Brewing

Murder On The Menu - Madtree Brewing

Washington Platform Saloon & Restaurant
October 17

6:00 p.m.

Come in to Washington Platform Saloon & Restaurant just a few blocks from OTR in downtown Cincinnati for Murder On The Menu.

On a March night in 1879, a gunshot rang out near Washington Platform Saloon. William Schaller, the son of a very wealthy brewer, was immediately arrested for firing a gun inside city limits. The charge against Schaller, who had just left one of the city’s premiere brothels, was not taken seriously — not until a respected young businessman and newlywed named Harry Baldwin was found suffering from a bullet wound to the head. The following hours begot the city’s first high-profile murder investigation, although the case remains unsolved.

Murder on the Menu begins with a brief walking tour of the 1879 crime scene. Guests then return to Washington Platform and begin a four-course, nineteenth-century inspired meal. Each course reflects items that were popular in Cincinnati in the late 1800s. Some of these foods and preparations have stayed with us through time, while many have been rediscovered by Chef Jon Diebold. Each month offers a different menu paired with craft brews from a featured local brewery. Author and attorney, Michael D. Morgan, unwinds the major theories of the case between courses. Ticket price is all-inclusive.


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