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Covington, KY
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Covington, KY
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Located directly across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati in Northern Kentucky, the community of Covington was established in 1814. With a constant influx of industry and inhabitants, Covington was a full-fledged city by the mid-1830’s. “The Point” at the confluence of the Licking and Ohio Rivers, was both the commercial and residential focus of the city of several years, home to various shipping facilities and industry along the rivers, taking full advantage of Covington’s superior river location.

The architecture and culture of this area can be traced back to the city’s German heritage. One stunning example is the historic Covington-Cincinnati suspension bridge, built by John A. Roebling between 1856 and 1867.

Covington’s most popular destination for Visitors, Mainstrasse Village, is a thriving entertainment district with local restaurants integrated with a few boutique shops along Main Street. The neighborhood is characterized by its 6th Street promenade and the Goose Girl Fountain that often hosts festivals and other entertaining events for both children and adults.

Devou Park offers an array of recreational opporutnities including an 18-hole golf course, multiple playgrounds and picnic shelters, paved, nature, and over eight miles of mountain bike trails, an amphitheater, a fishing lake and a spectacular view of downtown Cincinnati.

Covington is also home to a variety of attractions and festivals, including the Mainstrasse Village “Original” Goetta Fest, which is held each summer to celebrate everything about Goetta.

Covington is easliy accessible from downtown Cincinnati and Newport. In fact, downtown Covington is a very short walk across the Roebling Suspension Bridge from downtown Cincinnati.

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